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Welcome to the Greenleaf Coffee Co-op's wiki!Edit

We are a volunteer-based, collaboratively run coffee shop, located on Guilford College campus, in the basement level of Milner Hall. We sell drinks of the coffee, tea and soft drink varieties, as well as local, tasty baked goods from Spring Garden Bakery.

Perhaps you would like to join and get trained?

We're currently open (pending all the shifts fill up):

Monday-Thursday from 8 am to 7:30 pm

Friday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Sunday from noon to 7:30 pm

Come see us, we love you. And we might have some sconelies who need a good home.

Purpose of this WikiEdit

Here at the Greenleaf, we love things like building community, sharing information, transparency and consensus. And wikis are good for all of those things.

We want information about the Greenleaf to available to everyone--people who don't know what the Greenleaf is, customers curious about our inner workings, new members who need to look up how to do things around the shop, and future members who want to know what the fuck Manboat is (if we can ever figure that one out ourselves).

So if you got some info on the Greenleaf, make a page and share it! We'd probably love to hear about it.

Latest activityEdit


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